Online Payments

If you have not created a username and password on our Personal License Renewal system after January 1, 2023, then you must first use the Create Login link located above the username and password fields. We suggest you do not use Safari to create your login, due to an issue with that browser.

During the renewal process, the system will ask you for a picture of your driver's license and a picture of your Social Security card. Instead of uploading a picture of your Social Security Card, we ask that you upload a picture of the back of your driver's license instead.

If you log in to your account to renew your license, and the amount you are asked to pay is exactly $54.00, do not pay that amount. The system has applied this fee incorrectly, and we are in the process of removing it from your account.

For Personal License Renewals for '23-'25 or '24-'26 licenses, click the "Pay Online" button below. Please note that Personal License Renewal fees are non-refundable.