Updated: 11/30/2023

Requirements for Examination in Alabama

Barber1,000 school clock hours/2,000 apprentice clock hours
Cosmetologist1,500 school clock hours/3,000 apprentice clock hours
Esthetician1,000 school clock hours/2,000 apprentice clock hours
Natural Hair Stylist210 school clock hours/420 apprentice clock hours
Manicurist750 school clock hours/1,200 apprentice clock hours

School hours and apprentice hours MAY NOT BE COMBINED.

Exam Fees

Written Exam:      $75.00

Practical Exam:   $130.00

Registering for Exams

Once you have completed either an apprenticeship or school program, your teacher or sponsor will assist you in filling out the Written Exam Application. You will not receive a copy of this application until you have completed a program. When mailing in this application you are required to attach documentation that you completed 10th grade or higher (diploma, transcript, or GED), a government-issued photo ID, and a copy of your Social Security card. You must be 16 years or older to take exams in Alabama. You will receive an email notification from PSI once ABOCB has approved your Written Exam Application and you are ready to schedule with PSI. You will be able to schedule once ABOCB approves you, not before.

***If you are in need of accommodations for a disability, please send in your request for accommodations and documentation with your exam application to ABOCB. The Board and its proctors abide by the ADA requirements.***

Please make sure that you read PSI's instructions for examination. https://test-takers.psiexams.com/alcos

You are able to schedule your examination by phone at 1(800)211-2754, email examschedule@psionline.com, or by creating an account on PSI's website at https://test-takers.psiexams.com/alcos/auth/login once ABOCB has approved your examination.

Test Candidates will have 2 years to complete both the Written and Practical exams from the date they completed their program.

Due to system requirements, no Chromebooks can be used for virtual testing.