Updated: 2/13/2024

Scheduling an Exam with PSI

You will receive an email notification from PSI once ABOCB has approved your Written Exam Application and that you are ready to schedule with PSI. You are not able to schedule until after ABOCB approves you. 

You are able to schedule your examination by creating an account on PSI’s website, or by email, once ABOCB has approved your examination. If you have difficulty scheduling your exam, email for assistance.

Please be sure to read all Test Instructions put out by PSI on their website.

You will have 2 years to complete both the Written and Practical exams.

Due to system limitations, no Chromebooks can be used for virtual exams.

What if I need ADA accommodations?

If you need testing accommodations, there is a link in your exam's Test Taker's Guide document to begin that process. You must be logged in to your account on PSI's website to use that link, so that the request is tracked to your account.

What if I miss my exam/need to reschedule an exam?

Please visit PSI’s website for detailed instructions.

What happens if I fail an exam?

If you fail an examination, you will receive a printout stating that you did not pass the exam. You will mail that printout in along with the payment for another chance to take the exam. You must have this payment into the Board before you will be allowed to test again. You can take the Written Exam 3 times, and you are able to take the Practical Exam 3 times. However, you still must complete these in the 2-year time frame. If you do not know your 2-year deadline, please call ABOCB. You must take precautions ahead of time in case you do not pass on the first try. You will not be granted an extension on your 6 month Pending Exam Permit nor your 2 years to complete the exams. 

Test Candidate Handbooks


Candidate Handbooks and Candidate Information Bulletins can be found at 

PSI website:

PSI Candidate Service Center Phone Number 1(800)211-2754

PSI email support: