Personal License Renewal

Please note: Because this is the first renewal year we have used this system, you will need to use the Create Login link to create your username and password before beginning the renewal process. In previous years, a username and password was not necessary. Additionally, please note that Personal License Renewal fees are non-refundable.


Click here to renew your license

There are a few known issues with the renewal system that we would like to make you aware of. First, the online renewal system is not yet available for Managing Esthetician, Barber, or Barber Instructor licenses, or for licenses that expired before 1/31/2023. To renew those licenses, please send us this form by mail with your payment. Also, before you begin the renewal process, you will need a photo of yourself (for your license photo), as well as a photo of your current driver's license and your Social Security card for upload during the renewal process. Having those on-hand and ready to upload will help the renewal process go smoothly. If, for any reason, you experience errors during the renewal process, you can always mail us a paper renewal form with payment and we will process your renewal.