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Updated: 12/29/2021

How do I Transfer school hours?

From School to School:  the first school must send a transcript of the classes you have taken and the hours you have earned.  The second school must include this information when sending in your Written Exam Application.

From School to another State:  please check with the other State to see what the requirements are for this.

Hours from another State to Alabama:  the school must certify the hours to the State Board and the State Board must certify them to our office.  This is in case you earned your hours in another State but want to take your exams in Alabama.

How many hours do I have?

Because of the contract between the school and student, the Board Office is unable to give out hours.  You must check with your school/instructor about the number of hours you have earned.

What if I fail an exam?

Section 34-7B-7(2)(c) states: “An applicant who fails the prescribed examination shall be entitled to two additional attempts.  Each person has three (3) attempts to pass the exam.

Section 34-7B-7(2)(d) states: “An applicant who fails the prescribed examination on a third attempt shall complete additional hours of school training as the board may direct before being allowed to repeat the examination.”  You must go to school if you fail an exam three (3) times.  If you fail the written three (3) times, you must go to school.  If you pass the written, but fail the practical three (3) times, you must go to school, then re-take and pass the written before you are eligible to take the practical again.

Chapter 250-X-6-.01(4)(a) gives the required school hours after failing three (3) times:

“Barbers, cosmetologists, estheticians, manicurists and instructors shall complete 375 hours of training in school before reapplying for examination.”

Chapter 250-X-6-.01(4)(b) gives the required school hours after failing three (3) times for Natural Hair Stylist: “Natural hair stylists and waxers shall complete 75 hours of training in school before reapplying for the examination.”

Is there a time limit on my hours or exams?

Section 34-7B-15(2)(f) states: “If a student does not receive his or her license within two years after certification of completion of training, the board may require the student to complete additional hours of training before applying or reapplying for licensure.”

This means that you must become licensed (take and pass written exam, take and pass practical exam and pay for initial license) within two (2) years of your completion date from your school or apprentice program.  If you do not become licensed within two (2) years, you are required to go to school for 375 hours before you are eligible to take and written and practical exams again.

Exam Vendor Information

We are excited to work with our current exam testing vendor, Prometric! Below is the information on how to schedule written and practical exams, once a candidate has been approved by ABOCB to test.

Exam Candidates should not create an account with Prometric BEFORE receiving the contact email from Prometric.  Creating an account before receiving the confirmation email may delay the examination confirmation date and direct the candidate to the practice test which has a $39.00 fee.  If you have any questions, please call Ms. Yina Ford at (334) 242-1916.

Please note that candidates MUST bring their Candidate Admission Letter (provided to the candidate by Prometric after the exam is scheduled) and two forms of identification (one must be government issued with photo) to the exam. Failure to bring these items will result in entrance denial and you will be marked as a “NO SHOW” for the exam.

Prometric’s reschedule policy is shown on the Candidate Admission Letter, but a summary of it is that candidates who are unable to attend their exam must reschedule the exam through Prometric no less than 5-calendar days prior to the exam date. Failure to reschedule an exam in a timely manner will result in a “NO SHOW” being recorded. Exceptions to the 5-calendar day policy will be made on a limited basis (i.e. jury duty, death in the immediate family, military deployment, etc.).

Exam fees are non-refundable and if a “NO SHOW” is recorded, candidates will have to submit another application and exam fee to ABOCB before they can reschedule through Prometric.

Candidates MUST have an email address on file to schedule an exam!

Candidate Handbooks and Candidate Information Bulletins

Candidate Handbooks and Candidate Information Bulletins can be found at Prometric's ABOCB site.

Prometric website:

Prometric Customer Service telephone number: (877)977-3113

Prometric email support:

ABOCB Exams Contact

Yina Ford