Who we regulate

  • Class 2 Barbers: The occupation of shaving or trimming the beard, cutting or dressing the hair, giving facial or scalp massages, giving facial or scalp treatment with oils or creams or other preparations made for that purpose, either by hand or by means of mechanical appliances, singeing and shampooing the hair, dyeing the hair, or permanently waving or straightening the hair of any living or deceased person for compensation. Section 34-7B-1(5)
  • Cosmetologists
  • Estheticians
  • Esthetician/Manicurists
  • Eye Brow Threaders
  • Manicurists
  • Manicurist/Waxers
  • Natural Hair Stylists
  • Shops performing services regulated by this Board
  • Private Schools teaching services regulated by this Board (Public Schools are regulated by the Alabama Department of Education)

Who we do not regulate

  • Class 1 Barbers: arranges, cleans, cuts, or singes the hair of any person or massages, cleans, stimulates, exercises, or does similar work on the scalp, face, or neck of any person with the hands, or with mechanical or electrical apparatus or appliance or by the use of cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions, or creams. Any one or a combination of the following practices, when done upon the human body above the seventh cervical vertebra for cosmetic purposes and not for the treatment of disease or physical or mental ailments, and when done for payment, directly or indirectly or without payment for the public generally: shaving or trimming the beard or trimming the hair. Section 34-7B-1(4)

People performing services regulated by other Boards:

  • Massage: Alabama Board of Massage Therapy (334-269-9990)
  • Physicians: Alabama Board of Medical Examiners (334-242-4116)
  • Permanent Makeup/Tattoo: AL Department of Public Health, Environmental Department (334-206-5373)

The Board does not have jurisdiction over:

  • Performance
  • Personalities/behavior
  • Fees for services
  • Contracts between students and schools