Please excuse our fashioning. We are excited to announce our upcoming new licensing database. We are looking forward to providing even more services to our licensees. Check back daily while our new style processes.

If you are renewing a PERSONAL LICENSE or SHOP LICENSE online, please click here.

If outstanding fines or other fees are owed, payments will be applied first to fines and other fees before renewals will be processed.

If payment is stopped, the transaction will be voided and an NSF fee will be added to the total owed. Any license issued from the transaction will immediately become null and void.

Fines and Other Fees:

You may pay fees online for the following services by selecting the payment link at the bottom of the page.  The corresponding application must be submitted in order to process the request.

You may also pay fines and other fees listed below by selecting the payment link at the bottom of the page and completing the requested information.

  • Fines for Complaints/Violations
  • Returned Check Fee
  • Shop or Personal License Late Fee

Click here to pay fines. (Complaint number required)
Click here to pay other fees.

Personal License/Permit Fees:

  • Written Examination or Reexamination: $75
  • Practical Examination or Reexamination: $130
  • Original License: $50
  • Personal Renewal: $100
  • Reciprocity (Out of State): $100
  • Reciprocity* (Out of Country): $175
    *Includes Written Exam Fee, applicants must also take the Practical Exam
  • Letter of Certification (Each State Request): $25
  • Apprentice: $75
  • Apprentice Change (Master, Salon, or Both): $25
  • Shampoo Assistant Original/Renewal: $75
  • Duplicate License: $25


  • New Shop: $200
  • Shop Renewal: $150
  • Shop Relocation: $50
  • Name Change*: $25
  • Owner Change*: $25
    *If name change and owner change done at same time only one $25 fee applies
  • Duplicate License: $25


  • New School: $300
  • School Renewal: $200
  • Name Change: $25
  • Relocation: $75
  • Ownership/controlling interest change*: $25
    *Current financial statement required, new owner must appear before the board
  • Duplicate License: $25

Other Fees:

  • Late Fee: $54
  • Returned Check Fee*: $30
    Maximum provided by Code of Alabama 1975, Section 8-8-15

Fees current as of 9/1/2019